This Year's Events

Scholastic Book Fair

Fall Book Fair: August 28th - September 1st

Spring Book Fair: April 8th - 12th

Since 1981, we’ve been inspiring kids with the power of book choice, connecting them to their best selves through the expansive, expressive world that’s unlocked by declaring “I am a reader.” From bonding with characters to sharing with fellow book lovers, it’s a lifelong journey that starts at the Fair.

Donuts with Adults

Join the PTSA for a morning treat and to meet and connect with other parents and staff. 

September 12th and April 30th at 7:15am.
In the Quad.

Ice Cream Carnival

Join the PTSA for some ice cream and to learn about our programs and events. 

September 21st at 6:30pm.
In the Quad.